multicard easy

Multicard Easy

Our card for small companies

With our multicard easy you can easily manage the expenses and services on your journeys with a Germany-wide acceptance in the Routex network.

Our multicard easy offers you the following services:
- Cashless payment for fuel and lubricants and all things that are car related
- Price advantage of 1 cent/litre on diesel and petrol from the pump price
- 24/7 access to the online portal
- Electronic invoicing
- Direct debit twice a month via SEPA
- Card fee 2 Euro/month (conditions not negotiable)
- Application at

You are a commercial company and refuel between 200 and 700 litres per month?
Then contact our service centre now and benefit from numerous advantages.

multicard Service Centre
Telephone 089-5907-470
Fax 089-5907-312

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 08:00-16:45 h
Fri: 08:00-15:15 h