Are you looking for more than just a fuel card?  
You can use our multicard to effectively manage your expenses and services on your journeys in a network of 18,000 fuel stations in 29 countries across Europe in the Routex group. 

Enjoy the following advantages with our multicard: 
• Supply of fuels and lubricants, accessories, tyre, cleaning and oil service, replacement parts 
• Order cards via email 
• Motorway and tunnel tolls 
• Bridge tolls and ferry costs 
• Electronic invoicing (.txt format) 
• Online services 
• e-business 
• Europe-wide breakdown service 
• Payment of motorway tolls
• Processing of tolls in Germany, Austria (GO-box), France, Spain, Portugal and Poland
• List price system for freight forwarders (from a monthly volume of 20,000 litres/month) with an individual billing system on a weekly basis 
Are you a commercial company which consumes over 700 litres/month? Then contact our service centre now and benefit from numerous advantages.  

multitcard service centre
Tel. 089-5907-470 
Fax 089-5907-312

Mo-Do: 08:00-16:45 h
Fr: 08:00-15:15 h