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Eni Wash collection pass 5+1 gratis

A clean and shiny car is not only nice to look at, but also important for maintaining the value of the car! Pollen and road dirt can dull the paint and cause scratches. Especially in frosty temperatures as well as rain, snow and ice, there is a lot of dirt or even road salt on the roads. A regular wash seals the paint and protects your car from such influences and from rust.

The Sonax wash in our Eni and Agip stations offers the best quality and makes your car shine again. With our collection campaign in the Eni Live app, you will be rewarded with a free wash after 5 car washes of your choice. If that's not a brilliant deal!

List of participantsof all Eni/Agip service stations

Conditions of participation for the Eni Wash collection pass

  1. Promotional period: collecting stamps (does not apply to car wash boxes) is possible in the period from 01.06.2023 to 31.12.2023
  2. Every registered user of the Eni Live App has the opportunity to collect stamps on the Eni Wash collection pass when purchasing a car wash designated as a promotional wash at one of the participating Eni or Agip service stations. By scanning the Eni Live card at the checkout when purchasing a car wash designated as a promotional wash, the user will be credited with a stamp. Car washes that are already discounted through other discounts or benefits are excluded. After the user has collected five stamps on his Eni Wash collection pass, he will receive a digital coupon. The user can redeem this coupon for a free wash of their choice at one of the participating Eni or Agip service stations. The free wash can be freely selected from the washes available at the respective service station.
  3. A cash payment of the equivalent value of the stamps or the coupon is not possible.
  4. The coupon can be redeemed until the validity date indicated on the coupon and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. When the coupon is redeemed, it is cancelled; the transaction cannot be cancelled.
  5. No stamps will be credited when using a Fleet Card.
  6. The crediting of a stamp/granting of a coupon shall take place immediately after the use of the Eni Live Card and must be verified immediately, as complaints in this regard must be made immediately via the Eni Live App.