Agip Products
Petrol E5

Super and Super Plus

Eni Super and Eni Super Plus ensure optimum power delivery from your petrol engine, with an octane rating, depending on your requirements, of 95 or 98 (RON/ROZ) for particularly powerful engines. Moreover, they display low pollutant emission and fuel consumption levels, which helps to improve your engine’s service life. Both types of fuel have an ethanol content of up to 5 percent, which is why they are referred to as E5.

Petrol E10

Super E10

Super E10 is a petrol fuel with an ethanol content of up to 10 percent and an octane rating of at least 95 that displays the same positive characteristics. All petrol grades are free of lead and metal additives and satisfy the relevant requirements as prescribed by the DIN EN 228 standard.

The best fuels for your engine

Eni is actively engaged in research to develop fuels and high-quality lubricants for an increased performance and service life while reducing fuel consumption.
Diesel B7


DieselTECH was developed by the Eni research department, and is an innovative, sulphur-free fuel with a bio-component. It has a significantly improved cleaning effect on a diesel engine’s injector system, which even extends to removing existing deposits.

Diesel B7


Eni Diesel and Eni DieselTech are sulphur-free diesel fuels with a biodiesel content of up to 7%. They fulfil the requirements of at least the DIN EN 590 diesel fuel standard and are designated as B7.



Eni Autogas is a mixture of the liquid gases propane and butane that satisfies the requirements of the DIN EN 589 standard for autogas alternative fuel.



Adblue® is a standardised operating fluid for diesel vehicles with SCR technology that considerably reduces the concentration of harmful nitrogen oxides in exhaust fumes. It is a solution of high-purity urea and distilled water, and its quality requirements are laid down in the ISO 22241 standard.